Article 25 – Derwent Valley Mills with Phil Coffey


Article 25 – Derwent Valley Mills with Phil Coffey

On the evening of July 5th 2012 Article 25 hosted a Summer Party sponsored by Place Careers. This fundraising event, featuring an exhibition of new work by architectural photographer Tim Soar aimed to raise money and awareness for our Haiti project, a crucial initiative to rebuild schools after the earthquake in 2010. The event was held at the Clerkenwell Kitchen, an exciting and unique exhibition venue and was attended by more than 120 professionals from all backgrounds in the built environment industry.

The exhibition of photographs, curated by Phil Coffey of Coffey Architects, depicts the mills and towns in and around The Derwent Valley. The new body of work examines how, through the innovative use of new technology and harnessing the power of the Derwent River new communities, social orders and political responses were created. By examining the worlds first industrial revolution parallels are sought with the work of Article 25 in the developing world and seeks to show the benefits achieved when investment is made in large displaced communities facing rapid change in challenging environments.

A one-off platinum-palladium print by Tim Soar was auctioned raising £350, but no-one was left empty handed as all guests were able to choose a free print of their choice from the collection. The exhibition will remain open for the next few days. The event raised an incredible £3,000 with all proceeds going directly to Article 25.

carrie emberlyn