Detail & Light, curated by Christopher Clark

120811 Amin Taha Golden Lane 041

Detail & Light, curated by Christopher Clark

Detail & Light curated by Christopher Clark on behalf of RIBA Plymouth and OneRedDot

The Column Bakehouse and Cells, Devonport Guildhall, Ker Street, Devonport, Plymouth PL1 4EL

Wednesday 2nd to Saturday 26th April 2014. Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm

Architectural photography explores the physical representation of a spatial idea; it attempts to represent the meaning of Place.

My work seeks to address the complexity of three dimensional space, translating it into ordered compositions.  It illustrates the ideals of architecture and purity of form as recurring themes of the human psyche, exploring the innate desire for shelter and security, as well as the experience of delight.

When working with a technical monorail camera I employ tools of perspective control with mathematical precision, which render the illusion of deep space. Minute camera movements subtly manipulate the composition to reveal the underlying sense of order that is the timeless quality of architecture. Careful descriptions of space explore continuity of connected volumes; zones of light; and the geometric ordering of planes, views and patterns.

I draw extensively on the Dutch perspective tradition, including the work of painters Pieter Saenredam, Emanuel de Witte, Pieter de Hooch and Gerard Houckgeest. This is a formal system for analysing the built environment using compositional devices that span the arts of both painting and photography.

The exceptional power of the 80megapixel digital capture system I use further strengthens the composition by allowing expert control over the exact placing of tones in close proximity, as well as a capacity to reveal perfect textures with a meticulous attention to light and shade.  The considered placement of relative values of tonality – from the deepest shadow to the brightest highlight – are part of a vocabulary I have developed to magnify the special qualities of place, a language to make portraits of architecture.




carrie emberlyn