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Science Museum Research Centre – AJ

Science Museum Research Centre

Coffey Architects

Architects’ Journal 24.03.16

From : coffeyarchitects.com


Newton, as every child knows, sat under a tree as an apple fell on his head. This thought led us too conceive the Science Museum Research Centre as a canopy of filtered light under which research, reading and contemplation take place. The Centre reoccupies a tall space with east-facing double-height glazing where a reduction in glare and direct solar gain were priorities. A double later of steel perforated panels lines the glazing, and each layer is cut to reflect the holes in the perforated cards that controlled the Jacquard looms. The layers of holes align and misalign, catching the eye with direct sunlight or daylight and creating an experiential threshold as visitors move through the long space in dappled light that recalls being under a canopy of trees. Bookcases are tightly located in plan and section to surround the reading spaces, where mirrors, oak, and white walls create warmth and offer a palette of surfaces across which the dappled light can play.

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carrie emberlyn