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01 Oct Black Architecture White Box

Black Architecture

The Deckhouse is part of a visionary 1960s development of holiday homes in Emsworth Hampshire. Avocet was in a poor state of repair and required substantial revitalisation to take advantage of the latest building technologies. We stripped it back to the original frame and fitted high-spec insulation, thermally efficient windows and integral blinds. On the roof a 2.1 Kwp photovoltaic array and evacuated tube solar collector provides renewable electricity and hot water. Now the meter runs backwards and excess power is exported to the grid. The interior features stainless steel kitchen, polished resin floors, indigenous English timber and a black glass bathroom. Avocet won Best Eco House in the Grand Designs Awards, but not just for the architectural ingenuity. It’s the antidote to hair-shirt sustainability where function often destroys the form. This level of attention to detail makes sustainability highly desirable, and a way of living people want to aspire to.