Meadowcroft Griffin

250909 Meadowcroft Griffin 19 098

10 Dec Spaniards End

[gallery link="file" ids="1380,1379,1378,1377,1375,1376,1373,1374,1371,1372,1370,1369,1368,1361,1363,1357,1356,1355,1354,1350,1349,1351,1348,1347,1346,1345,1344,1352,1359,1358,1341,1342,1362,1343,1340,1366,1365,1367,1364,1339,1338,1360,1353"] Meadowcroft Griffin > This new house in Hampstead is a return ‘home’ for the client who was brought up as a child in the adjacent house - ’The Firs’ – a listed building by the celebrated modernist Patrick Gwynne. When the clients parents...

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