16 Oct AHMMericana, Oklahoma, The Promise of Living

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050610 Lea Borer CAT  079

17 Jun Pat Borer David Lea, Wales Institute for Sustainable Education

[gallery link="file" columns="3"] Architects Pat Borer & David Lea RIBA Award 2011 - Wales The Wales Institute for Sustainable Education (WISE) is Centre for Alternative Technology's new state of the art sustainable building. WISE will provide tens of thousands of people the opportunity to gain vital skills in...

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100410 Black CAFOD 033

10 Apr Black Architects, CAFOD

[gallery link="file" columns="3"] Black Architecture > CAFOD’s Headquarters has been designed as an exemplar of sustainable workplace design. Radical innovation was required to fit within budget and adhere to their ‘live simply’ philosophy. Improving communication and social interaction encouraged information sharing, whilst creating community and a...

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140310 Foggo Drapers 014

03 Apr Foggo, Drapers Gardens

[gallery link="file" columns="3"] Foggo Associates - A new 14 storey office development incorporating a new public landscaped space in the Bank Conservation Area in the City of London, replacing the obsolete 1960's Drapers Gardens tower. The building's stepped profile has been developed in response to local...

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230809 Watermark Fletcher Priest 066

23 Aug Watermark Place

[gallery link="file" columns="3"] Fletcher Priest - Watermark Place replaces the redundant international telephone exchange, Mondial House, on a site that fronts the river next to Cannon Street station. The site has an important place in the history of the Thames and is defined by the boundaries...

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020309 Studio MGM BstE  114

02 Mar Kings Road

[gallery link="file" columns="3"] Studio MGM - A three storey block of twelve social housing flats on the edge of a conservation area in central Bury St Edmunds for clients E2. Designed to meet the highest BREEAM Ecohomes standard the building is an exemplar of sustainable design...

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111108 black fitzpatrick 029

11 Nov Fitzpatrick HQ

[gallery link="file" columns="3"] Black Architecture > Fitzpatrick determined that their new building would be required to achieve an Excellent BREEAM rating. The design has produced a cultural change in the company's day-to-day working practices through the creation of an environment that encourages greater interaction between staff....

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